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Well, I’ve started a new redesign of the site, but I’m having a few problems that maybe someone could help me with.  Basically, on the title, I can’t get it to sit 5px off the bottom.  As you can see, the title sits 10px to the left like I want, but it won’t sit 10px above the bottom.  If you go to my test page and increase and decrease the size of the page font you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The full CSS for this is available, but the section in question is given below.

#heading .title
font-size: 2em;
position: absolute;

Is this a normal feature of CSS?  Basically, I want the text to sit 10px above the bottom of the dark background regardless of what size the font in increased to or decreased.  If you look at an entry at the bottom, that text is always 10px away from the border, why can’t the title section?  Yes, I know that it’s handled differently, but that’s the look I desire.

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  1. Try telling the CSS how tall your element is. Either with height:100% or try an explicit number. height:100px;

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