Weekend Ride

Sometime in September, Erin and I are planning on riding from Chicago to South Haven, MI.  Now, since this is incredibly further than I’ve ever ridden before, there needs to be some training (specifically for the posterior).

Lately, I haven’t been riding at all.  In fact, the last time I had gone was over the fourth.  Granted, we did probably put in just over 20 miles that day.  So, Erin found a workout schedule online that prepares you for a 100 mile ride.  Basically, you ride 10 or so miles a day, and then ever Saturday you put in the large miles.  Last weekend we were supposed to put in 30, which isn’t that far, as long as my rear end keeps up.  Thankfully every time I’ve ridden it’s been able to keep up with longer and longer distances.

Well, like I said, we were supposed to put in 30.  Instead, we put in over 40.  Oops.  This weekend we’re supposed to put in 37ish.  For some reason, I don’t think that’ll be a problem.


  1. Oh yeah, forgot to mention how you fell down.  tsk tsk tsk.  At least you didn’t run into anything this time.

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