Fitness Center

This is going to be a pretty short update because I don’t have a lot of control of my arms, and I want to start testing for what could become the new

Well, Colleen and I finally got our subscription to the fitness center. This is why I can’t really feel my arms. I probably did a little too much for the first time back in, oh, about a year of lifting. It felt so good though, that I just couldn’t stop. I can definitely tell that climbing has increased my upper body strength because I was actually able to lift more now than I was a year ago. I’m definitely looking forward to getting into a routine between the fitness center and climbing. So far, I’m thinking Mon & Weds I’ll climb, and I’ll workout Tues & Thurs. That leaves me with the weekend free to (hopefully soon) start climbing down south. Man, it feels good to be pumped again. Hopefully the feeling won’t wear off, and I’ll be able to keep this up for awhile.

In website related news, I implemented a comments system on It actually works fairly well, but there are a few things that bother me about it. First of all, the number of comments doesn’t update until you refresh the page. And second of all, I haven’t figured out a way to put the title (which in my case is the date) of the entry in the comments. Feel free to try and break it, or test it out as you see fit. I don’t think it’s going to last. I’m going to bring up a test server and try out MovableType instead of beating my head in with fixing those 2 problems (which I’ve been doing for the last few days). It seems to be promising. Hopefully, I can use it in place of my current blog technique, but still be able to customize it enough that it doesn’t look like all the other database driven sites. What I really want to do, is just have the database part, essentially, the text that I’m writing here, and the rest of my site (what surrounds my blog) by whatever I want. I think with the way that I’m currently doing it with iframes, may allow me to. That would be the coolest. However, MovableType needs MySQL to function. Yet another fun thing to play with. From what I heard, it’s not too bad. I mean Nick installed it for his forums, so it can’t be that bad. 😉

Off to work on new possibilities…