Leafy Toadstools

The other day someone asked me why I blogged.  At the time, I really couldn’t think of any real compelling answer.  Since I’m utterly bored right now, and I have absolutely nothing planned, I thought I’d take some time to maybe, evolve my answer a bit more.

When I first started rebelpeon.com it was more for a learning experience.  At the time, I hadn’t really thought of what I wanted out of it, I more or less wanted to get a “web presence” up and running.  Plus, I also wanted some sort of personal email that I could use.  Therefore, I at least needed a domain.  And, well, since I’ve got a domain, I might as well put a website up on it.  However, I really didn’t have any content to put on the website, except for my daily adventures.

So that’s how it began.  From there it hasn’t really changed much.  I’ve just been telling you how I see it. 

Another thing that he asked was if it was some kind of voyeristic thing.  At first I didn’t understand what he was talking about, but then he explained that the reading into someone’s life.  Now, I admit, some people plaster everything about themselves on their sites, but I can tell you this is not the case with me.  I admit that I enjoy reading other people’s blogs, particularly people that I know, but some people go a little too far in what they write.

Oh yeah, plus this serves as a great way for people, such as my parents, to keep up to date with what I do, since I don’t talk to them daily.  At some point, I’ll also expand the website to include other things that I’m working on, but as of right now, this s what works for me.  Plus, I actually seem to enjoy it more than what I used to.  I suppose it’s because I don’t have Colleen to keep me busy anymore.  I do miss her. A lot.