Links 4/28

  • The Big Clip—Could be fun to have a few of those laying around.
  • Buy Electricity When Cheap, Use When Expensive

    The device, called GridPoint Protect, is the size of a small file cabinet and connects to the circuitbreaker panel. (The company also offers a lower-capacity version designed for homes, which costs $10,000.) A built-in computer powered by a Pentium chip will make intelligent purchase decisions, buying when prices are low, then storing the electricity for later use. That will make it possible to run your company during the workday with cheaper electricity that you purchased at 3 A.M.

  • Steve Jobs Endorses New Product Line—This is only news worth because of one quote from Steve: “Everyone wants a MacBook Pro because they are so bitchin’.”  With a base price for the 17” MacBook Pro at $2800, they are bitchin’ Steve, bitchin’ expensive.
  • Make Your Own Wine At Home
  • More Safe, but More Fatalities
  • Lots of Power in a Solstice—This is for the parents, who are purchasing a Sky.  I don’t understand the whole “drifting” thing, but all I can see is 1400 hp coming out of the Solstice’s engine.  Yes please!
  • Downside of Certs—They serve a purpose to get your foot in the door for interviews, same as a degree.  It’ll be nice when everyone understands this.
  • Stop the Madness!—Wow, that’s just scary.  Hello 80’s!
  • Personal Drug Use Legal In MX—Wow, just wow.

    The bill legalizes possession of 25 milligrams of heroin, 5 grams of marijuana (about one-fifth of an ounce, or about five joints), or 0.5 grams of cocaine — about half the standard sale quantity, though half-size packages are becoming more common. It also lays out the legal limits for possession of a wide array of other drugs.