Photography Shops

The first day of the photography class the instructor mentioned that the best places to get your camera and supplies (if you already didn’t have one) was at B&H Photo or Adorama, both of which are internet shops located in New York.  At the time, I didn’t much think about it because I had used the same logic when I purchased my camera: cheapest reputible dealer (watch out for NY camera shops, you have to be very careful).

However, the second week, one of the students in the film class mentioned that he had a hard time finding the tryex (know idea on the spelling) film.  Our teacher then stated how there used to be so many Mom & Pop photography stores, but that they’d all disappeared. 

Huh, I wonder why?  Maybe it’s because people are told to not use them by their photography teachers.  I mean, come on, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  You either support the local shops or you don’t and they go out of business.  Is basic economics really that complicated?

Oh, by-the-way, the Central Camera store on Wabash in Chicago is only bested in chaos by Portillo’s during lunch or dinner rush.