*sigh* I really do not want to start moving stuff again. It feels like I just did it (well, actually, I did just do it, back in May). Thankfully we didn’t unbox everything that time, so things should go half-way quickly. In other news, I bought bedding. A very nice Simmons Ultra-Plush Beautyrest. The thing is hella comfortable, and it was hella easy to buy. Walk in, fill out a credit app, let the guy fill out the order, and I’m set. Spending $1000 was never so easy!! Thankfully it was 0% for 6 months, so once the new job paychecks start coming in, I’ll be set. The bed was definitely the first piece of furniture we needed. Soon we’ll get a couch, chair, etc. Most likely I’ll be getting those, since I’m the one that brings home the bacon. 😉

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