New Home Server Setup

I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, but I haven’t found a suitable replacement until recently.  I am decommissioning the server at home.  It’s loud, large, and sucks down a lot of power for what I use it for (windows home server).  It was nice because I could quickly and easily spin up some VMs and poke around, but I’ll still be able to do that.

Instead, I picked up a Synology DS1511+ NAS.  This little appliance is pretty darn slick.  It can pretty much do everything I was doing, in a smaller, quieter, and cooler form factor.  Since it uses an Atom processor, it runs a fairly familiar flavor of Linux, so you can do quite a bit with it.  Plus, a lot of the default stuff it comes with is quite nice!

I’ll be throwing up a few copy/pastes on the site so that I can quickly re-reference.  Oh, and there’s another SharePoint article in the works too.  Busy, busy!

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  1. Big fan of going small for home with drive expansion. I’ve been using the Acer Aspire AH340-UA230N for the past two years and just have it hooked up via gigabit in the condo to serve out to everything. I am still using the previous iteration of Windows Home Server as the drive extender is convenient and it just does what it needs to and sucks down almost no power (Intel Atom processor 230).

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