SharePoint 2010 Synthetic File Data

Still trying to work through creating synthetic data for an out-of-the-box SharePoint performance test.  To create the data, create a new site collection (so it doesn’t interfere with anything else and is easy to clean up), and uploads all the test data.  The biggest downside right now is that the data is created and then uploaded, which requires enough disk space to make the data.  Not a huge issue for me, but possibly for you.

General idea came from a few places for the upload, and locally for the file creation.

#USER Defined Variables
#Specify the extension type of files you want uploaded
$strDocTypes = @(".docx",".xlsx", ".pptx", ".pdf")
#The max amount of data generated in MB
$maxSize = 50
#The max size one file could be in MB
$maxFileSize = 10
#Intermediate folder where the test data is placed
$fileSource = "F:TestData"
#New Content Database (for easy removal)
$dbName = "Portal_ContentDB2"
#New Site collection template
$template = "SPSPORTAL#0"
#Account owner
$siteOwner = "TESTAdministrator"
#Web Application address
$webApp = "https://portal"
#Site Collection Address
$siteCollection = "/sites/1"
# DO not edit anything beyond this line

#Create all the test data using FSUTIL

$rand = New-Object system.random
do {
	$guid = [guid]::NewGuid()
	$guid =  $guid.ToString()
	$fileName = $guid+$strDocTypes[$,$strDocTypes.length)]
	$rand1 = $rand.nextdouble()
	$rand2 = $rand.nextdouble()
	$rand3 = $rand.nextdouble()
	[int]$fileSize = 1048576*$rand1*$rand2*$rand3*$maxFileSize
	FSUTIL FILE CREATENEW $fileName $fileSize
	$fileTotalBytes = $fileTotalBytes + $fileSize
	$fileTotal = $fileTotalBytes/1024/1024
#Data generation keeps going until the amount of data is > $maxSize
while ($fileTotal -le $maxSize)

#Creation of the new content database and site collection
$siteCollectionURL = $webApp + $siteCollection
New-SPContentDatabase $dbName -WebApplication $webApp
New-SPSite -url $siteCollectionURL -OwnerAlias $siteOwner -Name "Test Doc Library" -Template $template -ContentDatabase $dbName

#uploading of all the generated data into the $siteCollectionURL/Documents folder
$spWeb = Get-SPWeb -Identity $siteCollectionURL
$listTemplate = [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPListTemplateType]::DocumentLibrary
$spFolder = $spWeb.GetFolder("Documents")
$spFileCollection = $spFolder.Files
Get-ChildItem $fileSource | ForEach {