*sigh* I really do not want to start moving stuff again. It feels like I just did it (well, actually, I did just do it, back in May). Thankfully we didn’t unbox everything that time, so things should go half-way quickly. In other news, I bought bedding. A very nice Simmons Ultra-Plush Beautyrest. The thing is hella comfortable, and it was hella easy to buy. Walk in, fill out a credit app, let the guy fill out the order, and I’m set. Spending $1000 was never so easy!! Thankfully it was 0% for 6 months, so once the new job paychecks start coming in, I’ll be set. The bed was definitely the first piece of furniture we needed. Soon we’ll get a couch, chair, etc. Most likely I’ll be getting those, since I’m the one that brings home the bacon. 😉

Bar Depression

Why do I keep lying to myself about going to the bars in this city? IT IS NEVER THAT FUN. I swear, I can actually pick out the freshmen/sophomores while they’re waiting in line. At least fall classes haven’t started yet (i.e. you can MOVE in the bars). Oh yeah, and having to drive across town doesn’t help either. *sigh* Oh well, each to their own.

Apartment Search Pt. 3

WHY GOD WHY?!!? do all the really nice apartments have to be 2x the price of what we’re looking for? Ok, think of a typical downtown, old building, really nice apartment all those bastards (without tv jobs) have on tv. Alright, now you’re pretty close to this place i just looked at. 12 foot high ceilings, exposed duct work, old wood floors, etc. PLUS, they are brand spanking new for this year. *sigh* why can’t I just have that job already? WHY GOD WHY?!?!

Apartment Search Pt. 2

My god, you know people are desperate for shelter when somebody can try to sell you a rundown hole in the wall for 600$ a month. What is wrong with these people? I swear, being a slumlord, you must RAKE in the money. Oh well, at 2 I’m going to what looks like a fairly new place. Maybe more luck will be had then…maybe.

Apartment Search

Looking for apts is the worst thing ever imaginable. It is then compounded greatly by the fact that I need to find one by the 8th, and that I live in a college (big 10) town. Thankfully the girlfriend did all the calling, I just have to go looking at them. Unfortunately, that’s all I’m doing today. At least one of them is done (stupid 10am meetings). It wasn’t THAT bad, the girl showing em to me was kind of a hottie ;). Hopefully by the end of a day, I’ll have an apt (for a year) that isn’t horrible. Oh, one can hope. I’ll keep ya updated.

First Post!

Well, it looks like I actually may have this webpage up and rolling sometime soon. Unfortunately, there are a few touchy spots right now (like the nav on the left not staying lit when clicked). However, at the pace I’m going, I “should” have that fixed sometime soon. Oh, and for all you new fellows, welcome to my home. I know it’s slow, but that’s more to do with my wicked 128kbps cap then anything, since the site isn’t THAT gi-normous.