Puerto Vallarta Pictures

So, you can view about half of the pictures we took in Puerto Vallarta!  I know you’re excited to go see them, so I’ll wait here a few minutes while you go check them out. 

If you want a fullsize picture, just click on the medium sized ones.  These are straight from the camera too.  I tried to filter out some of the really bad ones, but a few are slightly blurry when viewed at full resolution.

Anyways, now it’s time for some Puerto Vallarta statistics.  I’ll create another post for when the other pictures get put up (have to develop them and then scan em in), and that will detail our adventures a little bit more.  Right now I need to finish studying for my elective exam.

  • Total 2 for 1 drink specials we hit up: 2 (I think that’s right)
  • Total times we were asked if we were practicing for our honeymoon: 2 or 3
  • Total times offered pot: 3
  • Total nights there: 4
  • Total days there: 5
  • Total miles flown: 3885
  • Total times we were asked if we were honeymooning: I lost count
  • Total siesta’s taken: I lost count



  1. We did.  The beach was very rocky and not very nice though.  There “should” be other pictures of the beach as long as they turned out alright.  These pictures were just from a digital camera, we still need to develop 2 rolls from an analog camera.

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