Burnout Revenge

So, today I picked up Burnout Revenge for the 360.  It’s everything I like about it, only prettier.  Actually, scratch that, there’s a few new annoying things that I could do without.  The largest is playing on xbox live.  I think I was able to finish one group of races successfully.  What’s really frustrating, is that I was playing people ranked around 100, and was beating them, but then I’d get disconnected from the stupid EA servers.  Once I sign back in, I notice that my score has actually increased instead of decreased.  I think there’s some fixing that needs to be done there.

The other main annoyance with this version is at the end of a race.  To begin with, you seem to be forced into watching the review, which I’m not a big fan of, and then you can’t skip any of the awards, achievements, or unlocked cars.  Plus, during the achievement it seems to pound out your stars much slower. 

Overall though, it’s still a great game, I just wish I could play more online, because from what I have been playing, it’s quite fun.