Remote Controlled On/Off

I love the Xbox, and everything it does.  However, there’s one annoying little thing that you simply can’t do, turn it on and off remotely.  Yes, I know this makes me supreme of lazy, but since it’s so tied into my Home Theater setup, it would be extremely nice if I could operate its powerstate like I do all the other components in my system. 

If you visit Xbox-Scene, there is a tutorial on how to do it, but it requires you to find a specific chip and then program it.  Since I don’t have a programmer, that was kind of out of my league.  Of course, someone figured this would be an easy way to make a few bucks.  Welcome the XIR from CheapLPC. 

I purchased the Pro version, because I’m ok with spending less and having to do one solder connection.  Installation was a snap; simply slide some wires into the motherboard molex connector, and solder the one point.  Granted, the one solder point was a bit awkward because of it’s location, but definitely not that hard by any stretch.  I had to reprogram the Pronto last night with the xbox remote configuration, since I currently don’t have an xbox remote.  This, unfortunately, took the vast majority of my time because I pretty much redid my whole configuration since so much had changed (no more DVD player, Colleen’s, no more Digital Cable Box).  However, the XIR preformed flawlessly, just as advertised.  I slipped the IR Receiver so it just pokes out on the front display and now when there’s a commercial or nothing on TV worth watching, I can easily flip to the xbox without having to get up to turn it on.  The thing can even turn on and off my modchip via the remote.  I just have to install a (not included) wire from it to the dreaded d0 point.  Granted, for me, there’s no real reason to have the modchip off, but who knows.

Now all I need is some Wireless Controllers, and I’m all set.  Granted, they are already on my Wishlist, so here’s wishing.

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