Script Kiddies

Well, I finally received enough scripting knowledge to automate the music list creation. It took me way to long to actually sit down and do, but now my music list is updated nightly. One less thing for me to think about is always a plus. I’ve really gone to town with scripts at work. It makes it WAY easier for us (mostly myself), as we don’t have to be constantly checking certain things daily, hourly, etc. The one I’m most proud of is the inventory script I wrote. Now I just need to learn how to dump the results into a SQL database and it’s all set. Currently it just writes it to a html file. It has come in handy so far, but I think the true potential will be seen when I can query fields in a database. Also, that way, I can keep a record of all the machines better, since now if the machine is off, it is just skipped. With the database, I should be able to simply overwrite fields with newer info, instead of just overwriting everytime I run the script. Also, the one that checks server harddrive space and then email’s us when it gets too low is a time saver too.

Tonight I went climbing at the local gym, Vertical Plains, and there was a guy there that looked absolutely amazing on the wall. The way he flowed up, down, and around the wall was stunning. I think I’m making my new goal to try look as fluent on the wall as he was within a year. I think it’s possible, but I doubt he’s only been climbing for 2 years (as I would be come Nov. ‘04). It’s amazing how much I’ve progressed within the last year though. You don’t really notice it until you start thinking about it, and realize how hard the basic basic basic stuff was when you started. And now, I’m getting routes before some of the way more experienced climbers are. This year will definitely be the year I climb outdoors a lot, and learn how to do it myself. That way Colleen and I can head out, and not have to go with anyone else to setup the routes. Just need some more equipment, and I should be set.

For those of you that have never gone climbing, do it. It’s so much fun. Yes, it’s difficult at first because you’re not used to it, but if you go a second time, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is. It’s great exercise, and the best part is, it doesn’t feel like exercise because it’s fun (unlike going to a gym). You should try it at least once.

**Currently Listening To: Dave Matthews – Some Devil (Limited Edition). Ummm…it’s more of Dave Matthews stuff. Sound almost the same as when he’s with the band, only there’s no good fiddle playing, etc, that accompanies the band. How can people pay > $50 to see him in concert for this? I just fail to understand it.

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