VMWare Infrastructure 3

Today was the official announcement of VI3, VMWare’s next release of ESX and Virtual Center.  After watching the webcast this morning, I’m more than a little bit stoked.

Some of the things I’m looking forward to are

  • NAS support
  • USB support
  • Drag and drop in virtual center
  • New, more performant VMFS 3
  • 4-way SMP and 16 GB of RAM support for virtual machines
  • DRS
  • High Availibility features
  • Support for Solaris
  • Ability to run non-VMWare machines
  • Removal of the web interface

I can’t wait to get the final bits loaded on my machine.  I’ve actually been debating installing beta 2 on my home machine for awhile, but haven’t because of time constraints.  However, I’ll have to put a few things on hold to install the final version.

There are also a few new whitepapers on VI3 already on VMWare’s website, so you can get a head start before it’s actually released.