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This was supposed to be posted a wee bit earlier, but unforunately, we must have been having some network problems.  These seemed to have cleared themselves up no though.

Anyways, last night I finally stopped in to Stanley’s Fruits and Vegetables (location).  After driving by the place weekly and seeing all the great prices, I decided to stop in last night after a photography lab to get some goodies.

All told, I spent $3.33.  It should’ve been less, but some lady ran off with all of the romain lettuce that was $0.49.  Instead, I picked up, (1) head of green leaf lettuce, (3) bartlett pairs, (3) plums, (1) vadalia onion, and (2) limes.

The produce there is incredibly cheap, and all of it looks exceptional.  I’ll definitely just go there instead of trying to deal with the not-so-great produce that Dominick’s and Jewel has (at crazy high prices).

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  1. I haven’t gotten over there as much as I’d prefer to this summer, but I much rather head over to the Farmer’s Market at the Lincoln Square Mall on Saturday mornings than go to the grocery store for the mediocre produce.  And the prices are almost always fantastic.

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