Dreamhost Increase PHP Upload Size

Needed to upload some videos into my SlideShow Pro Director install.  However, my PHP upload size was set to 20MB and the videos were both 23MB.  After some Googling, I found a painless way to fix it.

  1. Ensure your domain is running FastCGI for PHP5
  2. Download DreamHost Custom PHP.ini from DeamHost Scripts and Tips
  3. Put the dh-phpini.php file at the root of your website
  4. Access http://<website>/dh-phpini.php
  5. Click to install and it will create the necessary files and folder
  6. Edit the php.ini in the newly created /cgi-bin/ folder in the following two places: post_max_size, and upload_max_filesize
  7. SSH into your website and run the following command for it to take affect (kills FastCGI): killall -9 php5.cgi

All this good info was found at BlueSunray, so thanks for that!

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  1. Thanks for the step 7 that is what i was looking for to increase my upload size after editing the php.ini

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