Links 3/10

  • Will Wright’s Spore—This will be the ultimate Sim City.  I could see this being Will Wright’s last Sim game, since it incorporates all of his previous works into one awesomeness.
  • Don’t Just Tear Up Credit Card Offers—Maybe I should start looking to burn them now?


  1. meh – regular monitoring of your credit is best way to make sure someone isn’t screwing around with your identity.  Though it has been annoying a couple of times at baseball games, if I make multiple purchases at the same place in one day, MBNA will actually give me a call to make sure I’m the one using my card (usually on about my fourth beer at a baseball game).

  2. I don’t see how this is a “meh”.  This means that anyone can get a credit card under your name, VERY easily. 
    Yes, you should monitor your credit, but that costs money to have it monitored monthly (quite a bit actually, for stupid shit like this).  It is free for the credit card companies to reject an application because it’s ripped up.  I mean, it just took the credit companies to finally give you something for free in the last year, and I believe that’s only on a yearly basis.  The damage is done way before you’ll ever know about it.
    Personally, I think that you shouldn’t be able to change the address on a credit card offer to begin with.  There is no justifable reason in my mind why you should need that. 
    I don’t understand how anyone at the credit card companies could think an application that’s a) ripped up, b) has a different address, and c) uses a different phone number (a cell phone no less, which is easy to find out) is legit. 
    As much as I hate to say it, I think it’s time for the gov’t to step in a start monitoring the credit card companies.  Between crap like this, and how many breaches of security these places have, there needs to be something done about it.
    Just like in every industry, the company that causes these problems needs to be held accountable and fined.  If credit card company A has a security breach and 1 million accounts are stolen, they aren’t even fined anything.  What sort of incentive is there for keeping things secure?  I’d say that 90% of the users wouldn’t even know what the consequences are to having the accounts stolen, let alone switch banks because of it.
    Therefore, these businesses need to be fined, and I’m not talking a little slap on the wrist.  If I can be fined $250,000 for copying a stupid movie, these businesses should be fined AT LEAST that amount PER account.

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