Synology DS1511+ and Crontab

I’ve added an rsync job to my crontab file in order to backup all my websites I have being served from Dreamhost (including this one).  The specific job is set to run every night at midnight starting last night.  Unfortunately, it didn’t run.

This is because the crontab service needs to be recycled in order to grab the new jobs (also, don’t update your DSM, because that seems to blow it away).  As this is a non-standard linux distro, you need to restart crontab the following way:

/usr/syno/etc.defaults/rc.d/ stop
/usr/syno/etc.defaults/rc.d/ start


    1. Ha! While I’m definitely learning more of the finer points, I’ve been using linux…in the cloud (!), for multiple years. The scary thing though, is I may actually start creating my own packages and serving them up on the site. That will be bizzarro world. 🙂

  1. When I see a .deb or .rpm here, I’m going to dedicate the day to running my monitors with inverted colors.

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